What Is Social Media’s Impact on Marketing For A Startup Business?

What Is Social Media’s Impact on Marketing For A Startup Business?

Social media marketing is one of the most important ways to market your business in 2020. There are over two billion active users on Facebook, 800 million on Instagram, and hundreds of millions more on many other social platforms that can be reached.

The greatest impact of social media on marketing for a startup business is that ability to talk to exactly the people who are interested in the product or service you’re offering. Here are several ways that social media can have an impact on your startup’s marketing efforts.

Social Media Is Better Than Traditional Advertising

If you’ve thought about buying TV ads and commercials for your startup, think again. These are costly and behave almost like a shotgun. You don’t get to be very specific with the people who will see your brand and this makes this type of traditional media more expensive and less effective than placing ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Reddit.

Get started promoting your band on social media for free. All it takes is your time to start with, then you can grow into ads and paying someone to promote it full time later.

Consumers Can Give Your Startup Feedback Directly

If you want to know what your customers think, finding out is as simple as asking on your followers on your social media properties. Not sure what color you should expand your product’s availability to? Ask. Where should you offer your services next? Ask.

This is extremely powerful and while you can’t always rely on the public’s opinion, it can give you incredible insight into what your customers are thinking and why.

Establish Trust With Your Startup’s Social Media Profiles

Does your startup get involved with charity or are you involved with your local community? Social media is a great way to let customers know that you care about them and the causes that they care about. When you can prove that you’re not just another corporate brand trying to take their money, they’re more willing to trust what you say and that you have their best interests at heart.

Stay On Your Customer’s Minds

Most people check their social media accounts multiple times a day and because of this, you have an opportunity to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. Produce important, valuable content that they’re interested in and they’ll continue to interact with your posts and when they need something you can provide, you’re likely to be the one they get in touch with.

Social Engagement Can Boost Your Startup’s Rankings in Google’s Organic Search

Social media interaction is so important to real online marketing today that Google has made social signals one of its over 200 different ranking factors when looking at a page. There has been a proven direct correlation between companies that have a strong social media presence on multiple platforms and higher rankings in Google’s organic search.

If possible, get your accounts authenticated. On Twitter, you can have a blue check mark to show visitors that you’re an official company account and not a spammer. Authority signals such as these will help with gaining more traffic from Google Search.

Social Media Is Great For Driving Sales

Did you know you can sell products directly from your Facebook page with a store? You can use this as an additional marketplace for your products and drive sales on a platform that your customers already trust and are familiar with.

Use Influencers To Boost Your Branding

It’s big on platforms like Reddit to bash social media influencers, but the truth is that they can be invaluable to your marketing efforts. People follow people they like and trust and when they see that person or group showing off your brand, they’re going to pay attention if it’s something they want or need. Today, you don’t need big name celebrity endorsements to help market your brand. Promoting through influencers that your target demographic can relate to and trust can bring many times the results.

Protect Your Brand With Reputation Management

When businesses had unhappy customers in the past, there was no way to address their concerns the moment they started airing them out in public. With social media today, when your company experiences bad publicity either from an unhappy customer or from someone simply spreading unsavory rumors about your business practices, you can address them quickly and let your audience know that you’re either handling the situation or that said rumors are simply not true.

At the same time, if someone is talking great about you online, you have the chance to address and thank them for their praises publicly on your social media properties.

Fast Responses Make Happy Customers

You need to be available to answer customer questions and complaints and being fast at it increases the chances people will buy from you in the first place and that once they do, they will remain a customer. When your customers can see on social media how long it takes you to respond to their messages, it creates a willingness to pay more for your products or services in the future.

You Can Learn About Your Customers Through Their Comments

There are tools that you can use such as Hootsuite to “listen in” on conversations that are relevant to your startup and really get a beat on what your customers are really after. You may think that your customers want one thing when they want something completely different. Your customers aren’t going to always come right out and tell you what they want or need. Social media makes it easy to figure out what they’re looking for.

Use Social Media To Keep Tabs On Your Competition

Your competitors could be on good terms with you or they could be your total enemies, but regardless you’ll want to keep track of what your customers are saying about them. Is there something they offer that you don’t? Is there something that they do that you could do better? Look for opportunities to market your brand in response to something your competitors are doing wrong.

What Social Media Sites Should My Business Be On?

This sounds like a simple question to answer, but it isn’t. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are far from the only social networks available. Your business should definitely have a presence on Facebook because it’s the largest social media platform in the world with the most users.

If your product or service lends itself to imagery, Pinterest and Instagram are two more solid platforms you should have a presence on. If you’re into graphic or product design, Behance is another platform you can join.

If you have videos for your startup or want to produce some, having an official channel on YouTube and Vimeo can help with your promotions.

Is your startup primarily targeted at businesses or other professionals? If so, then a presence on LinkedIn is a must.