What Are The Benefits of Working At A Startup?

What Are The Benefits of Working At A Startup?

Startups are all over the place today and the opportunities available to you when you go to work for one can be pretty awesome.

What are the benefits of working at a startup? The benefits can include anything from getting a cool job title to being given various responsibilities you can add to your resume to getting a crash course in business management.

What You Do Gets Noticed Fast

Because startups are usually staffed initally with a limited number of people, what you’re doing and how much of an impact it makes (or doesn’t!) is noticed fast. If your website changes increase conversion rates by 0.5%, it’s going to make a difference and it matters. Your coworkers won’t have to ask around to find out who did that. They’ll know it was you.

Less Management Red Tape

But what about getting approval to make those changes in the first place?

You probably won’t have to write a proposal or go two or three levels up the hierarchy to be able to get changes approved. You’re more likely to have access to a decision maker that can give you an answer right there on the spot and even if they can’t, they’ll be more likely to get back to you about it quick. Less bureaucracy means things move faster and because of that, so can you.

A Job Title You Probably Can’t Get In Corporate

You’ll probably get to start out with a job title you wouldn’t be able to get at a corporate job, even if you are young and somewhat inexperienced. “Lead SEO” or “Head of Marketing” are examples of the types of job titles you may be able to put on your resume and they make you look professional.

Flexibility And Room To Grow

You may have freedom to experiment with new strategies or techniques in your field that a corporate position may not allow you to. Because you know that your actions will have a direct effect on how well the company does, you’re more likely to be careful with those experiments. But, because startups are also known for thinking outside the box, you’ll receive less static if something doesn’t quite work out the way you intended.

A Crash Course In Business Management

Forget conference calls and huge business meetings. You may have a few of these here and there, but many of the changes that end up happening in a startup will happen while you’re present and involved. Your view has value and you’ll likely be afforded a voice in company matters. If you’re not, you’ll get to see it all happen up close.

You’ll get to see the decisions made and watch how those decisions affect the company, for better or worse. There’s not much better experience to be had in business management than doing it and watching it happen from within.

More Experience Doing Anything And Everything

You’ll probably be expected to wear many hats when you get a position in a startup. You may be expected to learn how to do things on the fly and learn quickly how to take over someone else’s position temporarily if they leave.

Someone who’s used to doing sales probably won’t be expected to take over the job of a graphic designer, but you can bet they might be expected to learn how to manage customer support if someone steps out.

Anything that you’ll be required to do like that is something you can use to pad out your resume.

Startups Have To Think Differently And You Do, Too

Startups don’t often have hardcore rules and procedures set up yet, so you may be able to help shape those things as you work there. Everything is being built from the ground up, including the rules. If you’re creative and can come up with new, successful ways for things to get done, you’ll be loved.

You May Get Equity In The Company

Being with a startup from the beginning and seeing it through to success may mean that you end up getting a share of the company later on. You’ll have something that you can not only be proud of, but something that can bring you much more significant income as the company grows. You matter here more than you would at a corporate job doing the same tasks.